A002 Industrial Bulk Containers (1220 x 1220 x 770 mm.)

Code: 3600
Outside dimensions:  1220 x 1220 x 770 mm.
Inside dimensions:  1130 x 1130 x 625 mm.
Raw Material: HDPE Virgin (6151)
Capacity:  857 lts.
Weight:  kg 41,60
Packaging: Piled up to 10 units high
Volume capacity: Container of 40″ HC 56 Plastic Box Pallets
Uses:  Plastic Bulk container is specifically designed in order to achieve the best utilization of time and human resources. the operators can improve their optimal performance and utilization. Wenco, to meet specific customer requirements on five continents.
Other characteritics:  Plastic Bulk container for grape harvest and bottles storage. The capacity of grape storage is 500 Kg. on average; it depends on the grape variety. It can hold 532 bottles of 3/4 for storage. Supplies and products storage for different industries, several uses. Macro Plastic Bulk Bins. Contact us by emailing ventas@wenco.com.ar Phone: + 54 261 4210083