B003 Straight Wall Collapsible Tote

Code: 6182
Outside dimensions: 600 x 400 x 280 mm.
Raw Material:  575 x 375 x 187 mm.
Uses: Wenco manufactures these third-generation plastic containers which reach the market to establish their dominion over the rest of the containers of its kind. When we speak of these models of foldable containers, we mean a folding plastic boxes have spared no effort to present an attractive design, both exterior and interiors, giving a robust look that takes it to be considered among the most versatile in their series. Potential users who saw him at the International Fair of Plastics Industry were amazed with the new design mainly as regards their vents on both the floor and in their walls, their front and side handles and the special care that has given the design of anchors that allow arm and disarm the container quickly and easily. But seeing their large storage capacity, one realizes that Wenco truly cared for giving us the best of the best, because the visual sense, and when highly smooth surface we touch in their vents, is to a safe and reliable. The tendency of Wenco new model to compete with container on the market, allows this version counts with a large incubation – 56 liters, well folded, giving it the stamp and signature of a true folding and stackable plastic container. To all this we must add that this container has a complete system of hinges and anchors that result in a fabulous product adaptable to all needs.
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Straight Wall Collapsible Tote
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Other characteritics:Shipments to the Canada: Ontario, Montreal, Saskatchewan, Ottawa.
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