B005 Straight Wall Collapsible Tote ( 600 x 400 x 280 mm.)

Code: 6187
Outside dimensions: 600 x 400 x 280 mm.

Uses:  This product ( Straight Wall Collapsible Tote) shows the supremacy Wenco plastic boxes, in terms of capacity, stacking, volume, ventilation, pallets and armed as if this were not enough folding perfectly designed 75% saving of space when the drawer is empty, facilitating transfer and save it. This basket (Straight Wall Collapsible Tote) is part of a family of drawers with 3 levels fully mountable to each other, the base measures 600 x 400 mm. are common to all three models, with heights of 110 mm., 197 mm. and 280 mm. height of the basket has to be described. Front and side handles for the operator to easily move them, according to the spaces they have to travel. Ventilated walls with holes 7 mm. wide by 37 mm. high with rounded edges to avoid marking the content. Small vents in the bottom 5 mm. wide by 8 mm. making long semi-ventilated, as well as their straps 2 mm. wide and 3 mm. placed high on a cross in the background to optimize the resistance movements of torque. Four handles located discreetly, two fronts and two on the sides. Based measures (width: 40 cm. And long: 60 cm.) Makes the drawer (Straight Wall Collapsible Tote) easy to order on a pallet may contain base 5 drawers (on pallets 1000 x 1200 mm.), Giving up that the company requires (28 cm. external height drawer) as the perfect stacking and sturdy structure if required to make a trial or need, you can put up to 3 pallets of 250 cm. each, reaching 7.5 meters high with boxes loaded resulting in an optimal space savings in deposits and total safety of the product inside. Its excellent stacking is given by its four vertices or corners reinforced that combines the concept of resistance to the feasibility of folding, making this easy mix of armed resistance result in safe stacking whatever their content. The composition of the materials they have long life, high resistance to temperature changes at both very high and to the extremely low This drawer is designed to meet the logistical needs of large volumes, along with the other two models complete the range and cover all the logistical needs of the Industry and Agricultural Industry in terms of drawers is concerned.
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