C002 Attached lid totes (690 x 430 x 320 mm.)

Code: 6175
Outside dimensions: 690 x 430 x 322 mm.
Inside dimensions: 645 x 390 x 300 mm.
Raw Material: Virgin HDPE (6175)
Capacity:  70 Lts.
Weight:  3800 grs.
Packaging: 80 units per pallet
Volume capacity: 20/825 stuffed- 40/1700 stuffed
Uses:   Wenco Inc. This model produces plastic box with hinged lids and especially for moving objects where necessary a seal and safe , has two hinged lids and flaps that are inserted ribbed each other keeping the contents completely protected. These plastic boxes are easy to store when empty since it gets inside one another and when loaded is placed one above the other, reinforced lids bear a large amount of weight.
Other characteritics:  Budgets for companies. information: ventas@wenco.com.ar
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