D006 Ventilated Crates (435 x 435 x 118 mm.)

Code: 6079
Outside dimensions: 435 x 435 x 118 mm.
Inside dimensions: 412 x 412 x 108 mm.
Raw Material: Virgin HDPE (6079)
Capacity:  18 Lts.
Weight: 760 grs.
Packaging: 120 units per pallet
Volume capacity: 20/1300 boxes- 40/2700 boxes
Uses:  Wenco manufactures these stackable plastic boxes side grips where the operator can take them on all four sides are sturdy plastic boxes stacked structure and excellent both lower and side vents , very suitable for cold storage . Boxes used as yoghurt , desserts and miscellaneous items.
Other characteritics: Wenco : is a world leader in the development and production of industrial process of plastic , manufacturer of diverse products for a wide range of needs of consumers, businesses and especially what the industry requires a constant search for excellence has made to develop a working system , research of customer needs is the main challenge , this is achieved with creativity, high level research and design , complement and solid foundation at ( Wenco system ) machinery and technology where robotics and automated systems make Wenco remain at the forefront and is leader in the manufacture of plastics. Request information for budgets , sales and deliveries to +54 261 4210083 or by E mail to: ventas@wenco.com.ar