E034 Grape harvest containers (625 x 444 x 226 mm.)

Code: 6285
Outside dimensions: 625 x 444 x 226 mm.
Inside dimensions:  535 x 430 x 215 mm.
Raw Material: Virgin HDPE
Capacity: 46 L
Weight: 2000 gr. grs.
Packaging: 100 units per pallet

Other characteritics: They help to the final quality of the wines. They are light; their net weight is 2 Kg. Capacity: 18/20 Kg. of grapes.They transport grapes without hurting the cluster, because of their new size and low depth. They avoid putrefactions and oxidations, and keep the quality of grapes harvets the same. The material doesn´t transmit colour, flavour or bouquet. So they are used in high technology vinification systems. The support surface between the boxes is enlarged so it allows a safe piling. They have 8 anti-fit nerves that do not allow the adiutment between boxes when they are joined. The support surface is enlarged in the base, avoinding problems such as piles movement or fall. The handles have stops, so they avoid the contact between tha harvester´s nails and the grains. They can be repaired; our repaired and welding service of plastics in Mendoza guarantee that your produt will be in ideal conditions each harvest. This is the type of box used successfully by the main companies.