E035 Stacking Containers (600 x 400 x 190 mm.)

Code: 6151
Outside dimensions: 600 x 400 x 190 mm.
Inside dimensions:  576 x 376 x 180 mm.
Raw Material: HDPE Virgin (6151) / PE L-2 (6031)
Capacity: 39 Lts.
Weight: 1350 grs.
Packaging: 80 units per pallet
Volume capacity:  20/540 boxes- 40/1200 boxes
Uses:   Wenco Stacking Containers is specifically designed in order to achieve the best utilization of time. This product have become a necesity in modern logistics and we pay particular attention to ensuring that customer in remote locations have the product they need. Wenco provides the following maintenance and support services to customer key users answering questions about how to use Stacking containers offering suggestions to facilite efficient operation.
Other characteritics:  Contact us by emailing ventas@wenco.com.ar Phone: +54 261 4210083