F001 New plastic boxes for export of garlic (400 x 300 x 199 mm.)

Code: 606016
Outside dimensions: 400 x 300 x 199 mm
Inside dimensions: 398 x 298 x 195 mm.
Raw Material: Virgin HDPE (6093) / HDPE L-2 (6003)
Capacity: 10,7 – 11,00 kg.
Uses: New plastic boxes for export of garlic.
These robust plastic boxes are designed to contain and export garlic. It has at its ends two holes to make them comfortable and move, just as you can grab the base. The design consists of a background screening benefiting ventilation without neglecting the strength of the floor.
Benefits of plastic boxes:
These plastic boxes have in the lower and upper ends male and female anchors that allow banks traced efficiently and safely.
They are made by the best virgin polypropylene natural. Ideal for contact with fruits and vegetables.
The large structure possessing these plastic boxes is given by the design of its sides with strong columns and adequate ventilation.
The high volume concept is present in these plastic boxes as floors and walls are designed to cover the vegetables occupy the most space.
Has a lid consisting of two flaps of the same material, 4 plus a central lock anchor.
The inner surface of the boxes has rounded edges to avoid scratching or damaging the contents.
It provided a space of 120 x 60 mm. to apply labels.
Folding box with final assembly.
Savings in freight to the packinghouse, then gun being a rugged and durable for export.
Material: 100% Virgin.
?External Dimensions: 400 x 300 x 199 mm.
?Internal Dimensions: 398 x 298 x 195 mm.
Capacity in Kilograms of garlic: 10.7 to 11.00 kg.
Labelling area: (width x height) 60 x 120 mm. on each side.
Pallet required: 1200 x 1000 mm.
Empty boxes folded by HC container: 13,400 units.
Boxes with garlic – loaded:
Incubation at Boat House: 100 boxes x pallet (10 base x 10 high)
Incubation at 40 ‘HC Reefer Cont: 110 boxes per pallet (10 base x 11 high).