A003 Plastic Box Pallets (1220 x 1220 x 770 mm.)

Code: 1731
Outside dimensions:  1220 x 1220 x 770 mm.
Inside dimensions:  1130 x 1130 x 625 mm.
Raw Material: HDPE Virgin (6151)
Capacity:  857 lts.
Weight:  kg 39
Packaging: Piled up to 10 units high
Volume capacity: Container of 40″ HC 56 Plastic Box Pallets
Uses:   Wenco manufactures these plastic pallet containers with the most advanced technology that these plastic pallet containers need to keep inputs products in a sure way as much for its transfer as for its stacking, we are speaking of 10 units of height, with 500 kg each one, we have that the plastic box pallet of below wich is in the floor supports 4.500 kg and our saving in deposit it is in number 4.500 kg for square meter, an excellent combination of weight volume that alone our plastic box pallets can grant in a sure way,giving a bigger resistance, lifespan and accustomed to estructure as a result.
Other characteritics:   Contact us by emailing ventas@wenco.com.ar Phone: + 54 261 4210083.



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